Brand Training

Interactive Training Workshop

I recently had a wonderful time introducing the staff of a Philadelphia-based non-profit to the idea that each member of the team is a brand ambassador - expressing the best (or worst) of what people experience when they encounter their organization for the first (or millionth) time — either by interacting with them in their role, or during a casual conversation on a street corner.

I'd spent some time working through the essential brand messaging that leadership was hoping to reinforce. It was fun to watch during the Role Play sessions and see how quickly the attendees grasped the key points and used them with ease in conversation.

Probably the most rewarding comment I received from the day came from one of the staff members who had been with the organization for more than 20 years. She told me she had been dreading the morning, and thought that she wouldn't enjoy it at all. But that, in fact, she not only enjoyed it, she even learned some new things she hadn't already known. A real surprise for her. Nicer still, she took the time to send me an email later that night, thanking me again for the session. What more could I ask for?