"The medium is the message..."

About OrangeLine Consulting

We're here to help you put together a clear and focused plan that aligns your communications strategy across every level of your organization.

OrangeLine Consulting understands that Marshall McLuhan's famous axiom has never been more relevant.

In today's constantly changing media landscape, the ability to keep pace with new channels and value-added content is critical.

Let us help you assess your communication needs for channel-specific audiences. We'll review your current brand and content strategy, make strategic recommendations and assist in the production of content and collateral for whatever areas make sense: web, video, print, social media, e-commerce and fundraising.

With more than 25 years of marketing and communication experience, we're ready to help you take your brand communications strategy to the next level.

Gail A. Martin, Principal, and Collaborators


Content is king, and I've been serving the king for 25+ years in all major areas (print, web, video, social) as both practitioner and administrator. Areas of specialization include working with small business owners, non-profit companies and global partners.

I look forward to serving you.


I draw from a variety of wonderful talent to help meet the needs of my clients. Here are some of my favorite collaborators.

EC Media Studio

Rob Giorgio, Designer

Conflux Group

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Patrick Krayer
Executive Director, InterserveUSA

"Gail was recommended to me though a colleague. Gail came in, listened to who we were as an organization, and heard our needs. She responded by suggesting a way forward to meet those needs and how we could better communicate who we are to our constituency. She produces quality materials for us. Gail is easy to work with, creative, and gets the work done in a timely manner."

Ellen Strohm
Client Development & Operations Senior Manager at Global Scripture Impact/ American Bible Society

"Gail led American Bible Society through a comprehensive brand definition process which resulted in a high level of clarity and alignment within the organization. The seminars and collateral developed to communicate the brand strategy were creative, engaging and memorable!"

Gabriela Walker
Administrator and Customer Services Manager

Gail at OrangeLine is amazing. Took time to really listen to my needs, gather information to then represent my business well. Not only did she understand what I was looking for, but wrote eloquently and clearly... I couldn't have picked a better person for the task!

Maura White
Director, Audience Engagement at AARP

"Gail is an exceptional marketing leader, with specialties in brand marketing, social media, communications and vendor management. I worked with Gail on a number of projects, including the launching of a new, national campaign with an accompanying website, social media sites and publications. She effectively directed communications strategies, injected a global perspective, and provided a continuous stream of fresh ideas for both digital and traditional marketing initiatives. Gail is a team player, passionate about her work with a knack for providing insight and critique in an effective way."

Sarah Friend
Music Instructor at Bonaventure Academy

"Gail is an excellent communicator with a gift for the written word. With her natural abilities and years of experience in social media and brand development she has an incredible ability to convey important messages in a concise, targeted and impactful way."